Flickr’s World Photo Day Contest

For those of you who are already a part of Flickr, you probably already know about this photography contest. For those who don’t know, here’s the link: World Photo Day Contest

Here are the highlights of information that I’ve found. The contest celebrates World Photography Day, which is August 19. The contest however, is open for submissions from August 17- September 7, 2021.

There are 4 categories: Nature, People, Animals and Objects. You can submit up to four photos per category, but not the same photo in more than one category. You have to have a Flickr account (which is free) and join the Flickr WPD group to enter photos.

Here is a link to the contest FAQ: WPD Contest FAQ

You can also see the photos that people have submitted. There’s a link to the photo pool on that first page. I really enjoyed looking through all the really cool photos.

There are prizes for the winners, which are explained in the contest rules after you scroll past the discussion list on the first page.

I don’t know if I’ll enter any photos or not. I’ll have to look to see if I have any that are worthy. If any of you enter your photos, please let me know. I’d love to see them!

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  1. How nice to tell us about this contest!! I hardly have enough time for WordPress, and I rarely get to Flicker even though I really like it. Good luck if you decide to submit a photo. Yours are all so great I bet you would have a hard time trying to decide.

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