L-AC- Weird & Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful

A sun halo.
Our Doberman carrying around a log.
A Christmas light in the fog.
Chihuly glass work.
Great Salt Plains in Oklahoma.

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    1. It’s a topic for the Lens-Artist Challenge. The link is at the beginning if you want to go check it out. 🙂 Yes, the Great Salt Plains is a really weird but beautiful place in Oklahoma. I never knew they were there until a few years ago. It looks nothing like any other place in Oklahoma.


    1. It was a really cool effect because the beams shot out in 3D, but only in the fog. It was weird but my DSLR camera couldn’t capture it and the iPhone did. That bug is a grasshopper that was on the other side of the glass. I don’t think Spur chewed the logs. They were so heavy though! Took me both hands to pick them up where he dropped them. Wonder if it’s some predator/prey thing. I had a different Dobe that carried an armadillo around like that once. He didn’t hurt it and he let it go when I told him to put it down.

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      1. That’s cool and interesting that your iPhone did better than your DSLR…hmm… It’s all in the ISO and the aperture settings. That bug is creepy – cool that you were able to get a close up though.
        Dogs are so interesting and learn very quickly. Enjoy all the fun moments with yours!

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