PaWC- Food

Photo a Week Challenge- Food

I don’t take a lot of photos of food. It’s got to be something exceptional- good or bad- for me to photograph it. Here are a few that made the grade.

A chicken-fried steak sandwich at a local restaurant. Forget the bun! This thing covers the whole plate!
In contrast, a frozen dinner that was so bad I couldn’t eat it.
A hamburger with barely any sauce or onions. You’d think they’d have scrimped on the bacon instead.
I have NEVER gotten a salad like this! If I’d known it was family size, I wouldn’t have ordered it because there was no way I could eat it all. It was soooo good too. From a restaurant in Santa Fe, NM.

I’m not sure if they were out of footlong buns or what. I about died with laughter when I saw that they had still used a footlong wiener for my order.

A lovely Tiramisu from a local restaurant.
A tasty Chicken Enchilada soup that Hubs made. It was so pretty I had to get a pic.

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      1. I would’ve been bothered too. I hate to waste good food. I think I learned from your experience is that its a good idea to ask how big the serving is before ordering. I like to do that anyhow to see how the wait staff describes it. Their face and hand gestures can be quite entertaining. πŸ˜†

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