Historic Houses

My post about the cave in Arkansas reminded me of the gorgeous historic houses that we saw in Fort Smith on that same trip. I took a few pics so I thought I’d share them here.

Glorious! I’m so glad that they’ve restored these houses.
I think this building has been/is used as a school.
I don’t have much, if any information on these beauties.
I couldn’t ignore this lovely church and it’s spectacular stained glass windows.
I would’ve loved to have seen the insides of these houses. Even if it was just photos.
This one did have a sign with a name “Clayton House”. I wonder what stories it could tell.
The gazebo at the back of Clayton House.
I’ve seen all kinds of weird things on trips. I’m guessing this was some vandalism. Maybe some sort of bubble bath powder? The red stuff is all over the place as well as inside the fountain. I’m including it here because it was in the same general area of Fort Smith.

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  1. I love old houses too. You captured some beautiful examples. The town I grew up in and the one I live in now has old houses like that. They were built in the 1800s during the logging times. It’s fascinating to think that these houses have remained here for that long. That water fountain foam is very interesting…sad if it was vandalism. 😦

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  2. Great houses and the pink foam
    And red stuff in and near the fountain is weird
    I wondered if it was a cleaning solution – or a gag ?
    Or part of an event – like was I near Valentine’s Day?

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