L-AC: Three photos

I’m late, as usual. The theme for this Lens-Artist Challenge is 3 Favorite Photos. We are supposed to pick 3 of our favorite photos from different genres. It’ll be difficult to pick just 3. Hopefully I won’t get lost going down the rabbit hole of looking through my photos. It happens. Frequently.

I’ve posted this picture several times. Although I have a lot of rose and iris photos, I come to this one because I was so surprised at how incredible a lowly thistle bud was.

Mt. Robson in BC, Canada. It’s literally breathtaking when you top the ridge and see this sight.

This is another photo that I’ve posted a few times. It has sentimental value as well as visual value to me. Years ago when I had horses, they would get their tail hairs caught in the fence.

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  1. I’ve not visited your blob before and I’m so glad hosting this challenge has led me here 🙂 I love your three very different choices and just cannot pick a favourite among them. As a lover of mountain scenery Mount Robson really calls to me, but I also love photographing small details so your other two shots appeal to that part of me. The thistle is amazing but the fence detail too in its way. Thank you!

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