Cataract Surgery

Yeah. I feel old. Just had cataract surgery. Both eyes, although 3 weeks apart. My left eye was first because it was the worst. I basically couldn’t see out of it. Everything was super blurry. The surgery did a great job of fixing that! I just got the other eye done yesterday. And here I am, typing on the computer.

If you’re on the path to getting it done and you’re wondering about the procedure I’ll tell you; for me it was super easy and painless. Plus from everything I’ve heard from everyone else who’s done it, it’s the same for them. I understand if you’re nervous, but don’t be scared. The prep takes way longer than the actual surgery, which takes about 15 minutes.

They do put in an IV and there’s an anesthesiologist who gives you something to sort of knock you out. It’s not like the full body anesthesia when you have a major surgery but I don’t remember anything from the time I got it till almost the end when I had to follow instructions to look at a tiny light. I don’t remember getting to the recovery room.

Both times there was no pain. It was more of an irritation like there was some lint in my eye and the eye drops relieved that pretty quick. There was no patch on my eye and I could see out of it although it was pretty blurry & watery looking because of the drops and general disturbance. My sight in my left eye has gradually cleared & gotten better in the 3 weeks since my first surgery.

I can see a lot better and won’t have to keep wearing my all-the-time glasses. I’ll have to use readers for small print and detail work but that’s a vast improvement from where my sight was before. My glasses were getting to where they weren’t as effective and my eyes were going downhill fast. Things are brighter now and the light is a cool white instead of a warm white when I had cataracts. It was a weird difference between the two when I only had one eye done.

I think it’s gonna be great. No more glasses all the time. I’ll get to wear my sunglasses now. I won’t have glasses getting in the way of my camera. THAT was a pain. Lots of positives to look forward to.

I totally recommend getting it done if you have cataracts.

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  1. I’m so glad everything went well and you have that behind you. I was amazed at how much better I could see after cataract surgery and not having to wear glasses and contacts anymore was great! I had my surgeries a year ago and I still occasionally find myself wanting to reach for my glasses first thing in the morning! It’s such a habit when you’ve worn them for years!!

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  2. Aw, yay, glad to read the surgeries went well! My mom, my dad, and my in-laws have all had it done and they love not having to wear glasses or contacts. I look forward to seeing your photos of what you see and capture with your camera now that the glasses aren’t in the way! Happy healing to you.

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