Super Creepy Crap ’22

Happy Halloween!! For those that don’t know, Super Creepy Crap is a mission I have to photograph scary, creepy, WTH IS IT? stuff that I come across in antique stores. I decided to share those creepy curiosities with my friends here.

I was feeling kinda bummed that I didn’t have any Super Creepy Crap to share this year. I STILL haven’t been to any antique stores. WTH is wrong with me??? One of the few, fleeting joys in my life and I’ve neglected it. Oh well.

Carrying on…I was looking for crumbs in the SCC archives, hoping to find one or two that I hadn’t used yet. Luckily I found two. I’ll add links to the other SCC posts from the past so you can go look, if you’re interested. Here are my last two items. Hopefully I’ll be able to gather some more before next Halloween!

This thing creeps me out more & more the longer I look at it. I think it might be some kind of container where the head comes off from the body. But it’s got that hole in the ear, so I’m not sure. So to be clear, this is a donkey in a clown suit. With human hands and human feet…really big human feet. What kind of drugs does one do to come up with this crap?

If y’all have seen my other Super Creepy Crap posts, you know I’m not a fan of dolls. Now to be fair, the doll part of this item isn’t too bad. I mean if it was a regular doll sitting on a shelf it’d be cute. So why did they have to put it in a bear’s body?? The way the body is stuffed I’m thinking they tore the face off of a cute teddy bear and stuck this poor baby doll’s head in there. Man. It’s horrifying.

Links to previous Super Creepy Crap posts:

RDP: Fear

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