RDP: Drive

RDP: Drive

We have driven A LOT. Whether we wanted to or not. Back in our younger days, Hubs would have to deliver tools/equipment. A lot of times the equipment would be needed the next day and we’d have to drive all night to get it there. I don’t miss that part.

The good part was that occasionally we could take our time coming back. So we’d take the scenic route. We got to see all sorts of country. Some of this was before mobile phones so I didn’t get pictures, unless it was an actual “vacation” of a few days and I took my camera. After mobile phones showed up that had cameras, there were pictures galore.

We still love to go for drives. Currently we have to stay within a day’s drive because of my one remaining dog. She’s 15 now and needs a lot of attention. Eventually we’ll be able to leave on trips and drive wherever we want. For now, here are some of the sights we’ve seen. I’ll try not to get too carried away, but no promises.

The Talimena Drive. It runs from SE Oklahoma to Mena, Arkansas.

Denali Park, Alaska. In September.

Somewhere around the Four Corners area, Utah.

Heckman Pass, Bella Coola BC, Canada

Mt. Evans, Colorado USA

Bella Coola, BC Canada

Near Weston Pass, Colorado USA

Astoria-Megler bridge, over the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon USA


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    1. There are so many fantastic places to see still. My girl turned 15 in August. She puts out a lot of drama when I go outside without her. I can hear her howling and it sounds so pitiful (she’s tiny). But it’s funny too because she’s fine except for separation anxiety.


      1. Yes, there are, once we are petless we’ll be able to travel more. Not that we want to rush their lives, but they do demand attention on a regular basis.
        Aw…my little dog did the same thing. He had dementia and couldn’t remember watching us go out the door and would howl until we returned. I think that gave the cats anxiety. 😉

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