L-APC: Home Sweet Home

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Home Sweet Home

I figured I’d stick to my own state for this challenge. I live in Oklahoma. It doesn’t have big mountains, or ocean, but there is diversity here. Some might surprise you. I’ve lived here most of my life and I’ve been surprised.

I’ve written about the Talimena Drive several times before. It’s a beautiful drive that goes from Oklahoma into Arkansas along the Ouchita Mountains.

Then there’s Hughes Crossing on the Blue River, which is always fun to drive across.

We have some of the most incredible storms here.

And sunsets.

We have a waterfall. Turner Falls.

The Great Salt Plains. A most amazing place.

A personal favorite is having places to go 4-wheeling.

A huge surprise was getting to snag a photo of a black bear here in Oklahoma. Who’d have thought we have black bears in Oklahoma? Pure luck, and zero time to compose the photo.

We’ve been known to have some major ice storms too.


15 thoughts on “L-APC: Home Sweet Home

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  1. Wowza, some great captures here. I’d love to see the great salt plains, it looks amazing. the ice storm and the bear – terrific in images but I’ll keep my distance on both thanks LOL. Thanks for joining us this week.

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    1. The Great Salt Plains are pretty unique. Just a giant spot of salt in northern Oklahoma. There’s a reservoir there as well that’s a sanctuary for water fowl. People are allowed to dig for selenite crystals in designated areas for free from April to October.


  2. Oh yes. the Jeep life looks nice there as well. Nothing like driving across a river. lol I love the salt flats. Looks interesting. And I love the long horn in the first photo. Very nice “homeland” you have.

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