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Ok. So this site is quite a group of things. Like my tagline says “From a lot of nothing to a little bit of everything.” It’s thoughts that I have about things. It’s projects that I’ve done and want to share. It’s things that I’ve found and want to share. It’s whatever. Maybe over time it will evolve and the circle will tighten up to where it’s a little more cohesive, because I tend to be more on the organized side of the spectrum. Maybe not. Maybe it will be all over the place. It will be Sprawly.

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    1. Oh man! I was all excited to do the quotes until I saw the part about nominating people. I’m really not keen on soliciting people. Would I be disqualified if I just posted quotes or does that defeat the purpose?

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      1. I honestly don’t see why you can’t merely do some quotes that mean a lot to you. I didn’t really think of it as soliciting but in a way you’re right. πŸ™‚ happy quoting!

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    1. It’s part of the theme that I chose for the site: Baskerville 2. You can customize the theme you use for your blog up to a point. It depends on how the theme is set up. I wanted one that had a menu at the top and my most recent posts on the first page. There are a LOT of themes to choose from.

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    1. No, it’s one of the free ones. My blog is hosted by WordPress, but I think if you’re a self-hosted blog, there are still free themes to use on WP. I think your site is hosted by WP, (it’s on wordpress.com) so you can look through the available themes too and choose one you like!


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