CWW 6/22/18 Finally getting to post on Cee's Which Way. These are from a trip through New Mexico. This was a cool road that we found. Turned out that it was closed a couple of miles further down. I left the view of the truck in the first couple of photos for perspective. Also because... Continue Reading →

CWW- 6/01/18

Cee's Which Way- June 1, 2018 Thank goodness for Cee and her challenges! What with the Daily Post going away I don't know what I'd do without her challenges to keep me connected. Thanks Cee! All of these photos were taken in British Columbia, Canada on Hwy 1, going to Whistler. It's such a gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Blue River/Hughes Crossing

Cee's Which Way 4/20/18 For Cee's Which Way this week, I'm sharing some photos of Hughes Crossing on the Blue River in Oklahoma. This area is just north of Tishomingo, OK. I read that it's about 2 1/2 hours from OKC, and about the same from Dallas. We visited back in August 2017 and there... Continue Reading →

CWW- 4/6/18

Cee's Which Way- April 6, 2018 Mt. Rainier was a little hard to get a good pic of. Especially through the windshield, with my iPhone.

CWW- 3/30/18

Cee's Which Way- March 30, 2018 This is from one of our trips to Colorado. This is the Cumberland Pass. We hit the end of it when it turned out to be snow packed. You can see Hubs' tire tracks from turning around. It was pretty narrow so turning around was a challenge. A view... Continue Reading →

CWW- 3/23/18

Cee's Which Way- 3/23/18 I'm getting that feeling of being behind again. Dang it! Gotta catch up on my challenges. These come from one of our drives where we'd gone as far as we could on the road. There was a rock slide that blocked the road. But I wanted to see a little bit... Continue Reading →

CWW- 3/16/18

Cee's Which Way Challenge- 3/16/18 In a number of places we've been, livestock is allowed to roam free-range. Which means they may be on the road you're driving on. Usually if you go into an area with free-range livestock, there is a sign announcing it and a cattle guard - called a Texas Gate in... Continue Reading →

CWW- 3/2/18

Cee's Which Way Well, darn it, I missed the CWW for last week. And I really love this challenge!  So rather than get behind again, I'm jumping on it now. 🙂 This is a road we followed along Harrison Lake in BC, Canada. It was great fun!


Cee's Which Way Challenge-2/16/18 These photos are taken on Hwy 93, in British Columbia, Canada. Most were taken from the car, going down the road so not exactly high quality. If we'd have stopped for every photo, we wouldn't have gotten anywhere. 🙂 Even so, I got a ton of photos. This is but a... Continue Reading →

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