CWW- 5/26/17

Cee's Which Way Challenge- 5/26/17 Some open range in Canada. We followed this herd of horses for a short distance until they turned off to go across the creek. This road wound through the hills to get to the valley below. Such a lovely road in Colorado.


CWW- 4/21/17

Cee's Which Way- April 21, 2017 Going To The Sun Road,  in Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana. Where they build a bridge over the waterfall. So cool. Such an incredible place. A road  in Idaho. With trees this tall on both sides, it's like a tunnel. A road in Canada.

CWW- 4/14/17

Cee's Which Way- April 14, 2017 A road in BC, Canada. Not exactly sure where, but somewhere between Vancouver and Pemberton... I think. It's kind of spooky but cool at the same time.   A girl on her horse. Wish she was in  better focus, but it was one of those on-the-fly photos. There was... Continue Reading →

CWW- April 7,2017

Cee's Which Way- April 7, 2017 Well, this one is a bit different for me. There are no roads, no signs, no visible paths in these photos. But, they illustrate some extremely important decisions on which way to go. Life & death decisions. Some rock climbers are positioned up on this sheer cliff wall. The... Continue Reading →

CWW- 3/31/17

Cee's Which Way- 3/31/17 Not to be unoriginal or anything, Cee's street sign photo reminded me of one that I had. So I thought I'd share it before I forgot it again. I think it'd be cool to have this street for my address. Keeping in the spirit of signs... this is the one for... Continue Reading →

Cee’s Which Way- 3/10/17

Cee's Which Way- 3/10/17 These are not the best photos. They were taken with my iPhone, through the windshield, going down the road. This is in south Texas, about 3 miles from the Mexican border. The ranch we were on consisted of thousands of acres. 10 thousand seems to stick in my mind, but I... Continue Reading →

Cee’s Which Way- 2/17/17

Cee' Which Way Challenge- 2/17/17 We LOVE these kinds of roads! Then there's this... I'm thinking they said "Which way?" and picked the wrong way to go. I really don't know the story behind this van. We just came upon it like this.

CWW- 2/8/17

Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge- February 8, 2017 I always think of how hard it must've been to cut roads into the sides of mountains. This is somewhere in California.

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