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Color Your World

CYW- Black

Thanks so much to Jennifer for another wonderful challenge that was a lot of fun! A fitting goodbye to Color Your World. Fade to Black.¬†Although, I love black. My guess is that it would compliment most, if not all, of... Continue Reading →

CYW- Gray

CYW- Gray  

CYW- Silver

Silver NOOOOOOOO!!! Color Your World is almost over!!! Why oh why??? This color is only slightly darker than the previous color Timberwolf. This phenomenal individual was sleeping in his stall when I came by. His color is called a silver... Continue Reading →

CYW- Timberwolf

Timberwolf I always like it when the hex color has the same name as the Crayola color. I also like this nice, soft gray! The grey skies of Ketchikan, Alaska. A sweet little Miniature Schnauzer pup. A Diamondback Rattlesnake. The... Continue Reading →

CYW- White

White Since the hex code says "ededed" is a very light grey, I'm not putting that swatch ¬†here. I'm thinking that the background of this post is a much better swatch of white. But, if you've ever been to a... Continue Reading →

CYW- Brick Red

Brick Red

CYW- Salmon

Salmon Oddly, this cliff in Zion Nat'l Park, with the rock climbers hanging off of it has a lot of salmon color. Who'd have guessed? Just for clarification, here is a closer view of the rock climbers and their stuff.

CYW- Scarlet

Frankly Scarlet... oh wait, that's another subject... This color is intense!! Only this car in a knock-you-out red would do.

CYW- Wild Watermelon

Wild Watermelon

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