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Daily Prompt

DP- Denial

  Ugh. Denial. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is it both? I think it's  both. At the very least, it's a coping mechanism. At the worst, it's a complete removal of coping. For me, my first reaction... Continue Reading →

The Price of Prudent

Anyone who has Miniature Schnauzers can probably relate to this. Possibly anyone with a dog. I never really had this problem with the big dogs, but every Mini Schnauzer I've ever had has had an aversion to rain. And that's... Continue Reading →

DP- Purple

Purple I freaking LOVE purple! I don't care who knows it or what they think. Purple does something to me whenever I see it. I don't know what, but it's definitely something and it's good. I have had a lot... Continue Reading →

Patterns in Nature or The Fibonacci Sequence

The DP of Pattern reminds me of a PBS show that I watched a while back. It was about mathematics and patterns in nature. I couldn't remember what it was called so I looked it up. It's called the Fibonacci Sequence... Continue Reading →

DP- Vivid

Daily Prompt- Vivid I love vivid colors! Mother Nature is the supreme ruler of vivid though.    

The Ladies’ Room

For the DP of "squat", which is an odd word; this was the first thing I thought of (sorry). I'd just recently posted this so thought I'd link to it for the Daily Prompt . Daily Prompt- Squat Here's how... Continue Reading →

DP- Cling

Cling I'm clinging. I'm clinging to the hope that my sweet dog that I've had for the past 13 1/2 years is going to get better. I'm clinging to the fine thread that he'll come out of this and I'll... Continue Reading →


I absolutely LOVE them! I'm talking about the physical paper books, not the digital ones. Although, I've read a few of the digital ones and they're easier at night just because of the light issue. But the paper ones...ah! The... Continue Reading →


Relish you say? I relish relish. It's the bomb! I started writing this post before I saw the DP for today. So of course I had to attach it to the DP! This example of everyday life made me bust out... Continue Reading →

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