DP- Witty

Daily Prompt- Witty Ok WordPress, get out of my brain! Sure there's plenty of empty space for you to move into but you weren't invited. How do I know you're in there? Because this is what I was going to post today before I read the prompt. Because this is SO me in relation to... Continue Reading →


DP- Mighty

DP- Mighty I wish I was as mighty as an ant. An ant can carry 10-50 times it's own body weight. I guess along with that ability comes confidence and determination. I've seen red ants a hundred yards from their hill. That's a football field for us. It seems like it would be travelling across... Continue Reading →

DP- Solitary

Being an introvert, I'm good with solitary.  I'm alone for most of the day, most of the time and I only occasionally talk to anyone during that time. I don't have the TV on during the day. I don't need "people noise." Someone once said "Being alone doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely."  It's true. I've... Continue Reading →

DP- Denial

  Ugh. Denial. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is it both? I think it's  both. At the very least, it's a coping mechanism. At the worst, it's a complete removal of coping. For me, my first reaction to something horrible is denial. My brain buffers me with "No! It can't be!" The... Continue Reading →

The Price of Prudent

Anyone who has Miniature Schnauzers can probably relate to this. Possibly anyone with a dog. I never really had this problem with the big dogs, but every Mini Schnauzer I've ever had has had an aversion to rain. And that's putting it mildly. It's more like they think it's acid from the sky and will... Continue Reading →

DP- Purple

Purple I freaking LOVE purple! I don't care who knows it or what they think. Purple does something to me whenever I see it. I don't know what, but it's definitely something and it's good. I have had a lot of things that are purple. People would give me purple things for Christmas. I had... Continue Reading →

The Ladies’ Room

For the DP of "squat", which is an odd word; this was the first thing I thought of (sorry). I'd just recently posted this so thought I'd link to it for the Daily Prompt . Daily Prompt- Squat Here's how it goes: You're a woman, out in public, like shopping or at the movies or... Continue Reading →

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