Adios Daily Post

Well crud. This is disappointing to say the least. The Daily Prompt and the Weekly Photo Challenge were a home base for me to go to for writing/photo ideas. Daily Post I don't know why they're discontinuing it. They haven't said, as far as I can tell. It was always fun to think of posts to... Continue Reading →


Let Me Elaborate

I came across this questionnaire from Embeecee's blog and I thought I'd join in. This will also fit into the Daily Prompt of elaborate.   Do you have a nickname? What do you prefer to be called?  Nope.  Something non-derogatory is always good. Do you have books on your shelf (ereader) that are begging to be read? Oh heck... Continue Reading →

DP- Song

Daily Post- Song There are a lot of songs that I like. There are all different kinds of music that I like. I think what rises to the top of my list is guitar instrumentals. Good guitar is magical. Stevie Ray Vaughn is, in my opinion, the master of guitar. Every note is pin-point clear... Continue Reading →

Artist or Assistant

After reading a post from another blogger Irevuo, I felt my response would be too long for just a comment box. I've thought about the issue of artist or assistant a few times before but haven't posted my opinion till now. I read about Dale Chihuly and how his assistants do a lot of the work. I guess... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Spring

I'm getting excited about Spring! My little shrubs in the front of the house have bloomed with their pretty pink flowers. I think they're some sort of Japanese Cherry bush. I put some hyacinths in the ground last year and I thought they were goners, but they popped up a few weeks ago! The white... Continue Reading →

If I Knew Then

What I Know Now... Things would've been a lot less stressful. I see young people today struggling, trying to find their way in life; or trying to figure out where they fit in. I remember how it was for me at that age and I wish I could make it- not necessarily easier for them,... Continue Reading →

DP- Encrusted

Well, we are encrusted in ice as of yesterday. Freezing rain with below freezing temps is what we usually get here in OK. Rarely do we get actual snow. These photos are from a previous ice storm.  It was a doozy. Lasted for about a week and we got ice and snow. The current ice... Continue Reading →

DP- Silhouette

I decided to use these photos of a sunset in fog for the  Daily Prompt- Silhouette The trees are in a dark silhouette and the houses are in a much foggier silhouette. The color of the sky was super cool!  

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