RDP- Coast

An Alaskan coast. Alaska coast Oregon coast Ocean Shores, Washington Tofino , BC, Canada RDP- Coast


RDP: Book

Ahh! Books! I love them! I've written about them before. It's been a while since then though. https://sprawly.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/books/ I went to the annual library book sale this year. I don't actually need any more books, but it's hard to pass up the chance to maybe find that special one; the one that completes the set.... Continue Reading →

RDP- Collection

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is Collection. I have a few collections. I love hunting for the things I collect. It's sort of like a treasure hunt. Especially when I go to an antique store. Primarily I hunt for HSOs (horse shaped objects) or DSOs (dog or dragon shaped objects). I've trained Hubs pretty well to... Continue Reading →

The Annual Quest

Is there blood coming out of my ears? I'm trying to find Christmas presents for Hubs and Dear Son and it feels like my brain could be hemorrhaging. I keep checking my nose for bleeding and so far, so good. But it's just a matter of time.Am I being overly dramatic? You may think so,... Continue Reading →


RDP- Birthday (I actually started this post a day before the  RDP came out for "birthday". Weird how that happens, huh? Also a side note: Tried the new editor. Not a fan. It's not easier and there's not really a tut that shows you how to do things with it. I ended up going back... Continue Reading →


RDP- Bask Since I used to raise Arabian horses, there's no way I could see anything but the beautiful bay stallion *Bask++, when I see this word. I'm guessing it's that way for anyone that knows Arabian horses. *Bask++ is instantly recognized. Let me start at the top with just his name- Bask. It's pronounced... Continue Reading →

RDP- Color

Ragtag Daily Prompt- Color I love color! I think God loves color too and is the ultimate artist.   I never knew that Alaska was so colorful.      

RDP- Contrast

RDP- Contrast Hmm. Contrast. It doesn't have to be black & white. It can be bright on neutral. Or bright with neutral. It could be the contrast of granite mountains against soft clouds and grass. Or shadow and light.    

I Suck At Blogging

488. I have 488 published posts. This one will be 489.  I'm not sure it's exactly  copious.  The first one was in January 2016. It wasn't actually my very first post on a blog. I'd started one here earlier, in, I think, October 2015 with a different name. I decided I didn't like it, so I started... Continue Reading →

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