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JNW's Halloween Challenge: Creature I initially was going to use my photo of Gollum from the wax museum in this post. But then I realized that he was the perfect example of "transmogrify" which is the theme for the weekly... Continue Reading →

Halloween Challenge Day 27

For  JNW's Halloween Challenge I'm playing catch-up again. Forest: Gate: Scary: Graveyard:

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Fog

JNW's Halloween Challenge: Fog Isn't fog an amazing thing? How it can be so thick that you can't see 10 feet in front of you? I remember when I used to drive a motorcycle.  A lot of times, at night,... Continue Reading →

JNW Halloween Challenge- Spider

JNW's Halloween Challenge  

Halloween Challenge: Broom

JNW's Halloween Challenge This broom stands on it's own, without any support. Yep. It's true. Haunted? Possessed? I don't know what it is, except freaky. We walked all around it and it stayed there until we moved it. From what... Continue Reading →

JNW’s Halloween Challenge

Jennifer thought up this super-cool idea to have a Halloween Challenge for the month of October. I was excited to participate! But, ok, if you read my stuff (and I am surprised and thrilled by that) you know by now... Continue Reading →

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