Halloween Challenge- wk 3

For Jennifer's Halloween Challenge, I didn't have much for week 2, so will add them here with what I have for week 3 so far. Week 2: Night Broom: This broom is standing on its own. Spider: Week 3- Treat: This is some delicious Tiramisu. Autumn: Fog:  


Halloween Challenge- Wk 1

Jennifer has renewed her Halloween Challenge again this year! And... I'm already behind.  So with that in mind, I'm going to do this whole week's topics in one post. She said we could respond weekly, which works perfectly for me. Day 1: Pumpkin Day 2: Ghost This is the hallway at the Crescent Hotel in... Continue Reading →


JNW's Halloween Challenge: Creature I initially was going to use my photo of Gollum from the wax museum in this post. But then I realized that he was the perfect example of "transmogrify" which is the theme for the weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post. So I searched through the pile of photos and... Continue Reading →

Halloween Challenge: Broom

JNW's Halloween Challenge This broom stands on it's own, without any support. Yep. It's true. Haunted? Possessed? I don't know what it is, except freaky. We walked all around it and it stayed there until we moved it. From what I understand, you have to use an angled broom.  

JNW’s Halloween Challenge

Jennifer thought up this super-cool idea to have a Halloween Challenge for the month of October. I was excited to participate! But, ok, if you read my stuff (and I am surprised and thrilled by that) you know by now that I'm always behind on these things. So... I'm going to try to catch up... Continue Reading →

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