Halloween Quiz

My fellow blogger Melanie B Cee has a quiz that she shared on her blog that I thought I'd participate in. She got it from another blogger so I hope it's ok. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/58053187/posts/2978479424 I haven't done one of these in a long time and I thought I might have some answers so here goes: 1.... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap 2020

Ahhh! 2020! I'm struggling to think of something that I will miss about you. I know there are a few months left and there's still time to at least try to redeem yourself. But I still won't be sad to shove you into the past with a boot to the back. With that being said,... Continue Reading →

Halloween Decorations Day 5

I'm jumping in on this challenge from Granny Shot It! I'm all over Halloween decorations and such so it's right up my alley. These are a couple of mine. This is Ralph, with his pet gecko Spike. Don't get too close to Spike. He bites. This is Ralph's girlfriend Myrtle with her pet gecko, Tiffany.... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap #6

Ok. I realize that I have a lot of dolls in this series. But you have to admit that some of them can be super creepy. So here are a few more. Somebody back me up... don't these two have an evil look on their faces? Weren't they part of some cartoon or kid's show... Continue Reading →

Halloween Memories

I've been reading other people's accounts of their Halloween experiences this year and it made me think of some of the ones we had with the kids when they were little. Dear Son is going to be 27 soon (What the...??? Where does the time go?) so it's been quite a while since we've been... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap 5

From the super scary and forever memorable "Night Gallery" TV series (with original text in parenthesis): “Good evening, and welcome to a private showing of three items (paintings), displayed here for the first time. Each is a collector’s item in its own way—not because of any special artistic quality, but because each captures (on a... Continue Reading →

October Horror

Hello October. You're early. According to my calendar it should still be July. I don't know why July & August feel like they have to barely show up, but whatever.  I believe September was influenced by their behavior because it barely showed its face as well. So be it. October is here and although it's the doorway to... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap 4

Ah! More super creepy crap! Here are a few things that I've found at the antique stores. If you like creepy, here are other examples in the previous 3 posts about super creepy crap. Super Creepy Crap 3    Super Creepy Crap 2    Super Creepy Crap Now, maybe someone can explain it to me, but I... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap 3

Ok. It's been a while since I posted some Super Creepy Crap. I started this around Halloween last year. It seemed an appropriate time. You can see the other posts Super Creepy Crap and Super Creepy Crap 2 if you want. In a nutshell, these are things that I come across at antique stores.  Coming across Super Creepy Crap... Continue Reading →

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