Super Creepy Crap 2

Ok. I missed posting these on Halloween, like I'd planned. But honestly, how many things actually go as planned? Not that often, around here anyway. So anyhow... these things are THE creepiest, scariest things I've come across since I started this mission. Granted, it's only the beginning but I'm guessing they'll stay in the top... Continue Reading →

Ralph and Myrtle

I can't believe it's Halloween already! I don't usually, well, I haven't  decorated for Halloween much in the past. There wasn't room in the old house for either decorations to display or store them when they weren't being used. I still don't have a lot of Halloween/Harvest decor yet, but I've found a few things to... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap

I love going to antique stores. There are always so many things to see and things I've never seen before. Some of those things are incredible while others make me wonder "What the heck is THAT?" and who would pay money for it. And then... then there are the truly horrifying, scary-as-hell things. Like the stuff they... Continue Reading →


I remember when we were kids and we'd watch scary movies with our mom. Back then, they weren't the in-your-face gory kind that seem to be popular now. It was all about letting your imagination do the work. Like what could happen if the girl goes down that dark hallway. Sometimes it did happen, sometimes... Continue Reading →

Halloween Challenge- wk 3

For Jennifer's Halloween Challenge, I didn't have much for week 2, so will add them here with what I have for week 3 so far. Week 2: Night Broom: This broom is standing on its own. Spider: Week 3- Treat: This is some delicious Tiramisu. Autumn: Fog:  

Halloween Challenge- Wk 1

Jennifer has renewed her Halloween Challenge again this year! And... I'm already behind.  So with that in mind, I'm going to do this whole week's topics in one post. She said we could respond weekly, which works perfectly for me. Day 1: Pumpkin Day 2: Ghost This is the hallway at the Crescent Hotel in... Continue Reading →


JNW's Halloween Challenge: Creature I initially was going to use my photo of Gollum from the wax museum in this post. But then I realized that he was the perfect example of "transmogrify" which is the theme for the weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post. So I searched through the pile of photos and... Continue Reading →

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