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Macro Moments #36

Macro Moments #36 I was afraid I wouldn't find a photo with bokeh, but then I came across this one with the beautiful bubble bokeh. Yay!

Macro Moments- #35

I got the opportunity to go to the local nursery the other day. Of course, all the flowers were in bloom and it was like the Garden of Eden. I didn't have my camera with me, although I took a... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments part 2

Macro Moments Challenge 34 I'm doing two submissions for the Macro Moments Challenge this time. The other one is at Macro Moments- 3/15/17 Again, this flower is called Lantana. The clusters are very small; maybe 1/2 inch in diameter. The second... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments- 3/15/17

Macro Moments- 3/15/17 This flower is called Lantana. It comes in different colors, and I think it's really pretty. The clusters are about the diameter of the tip of my finger, so very small. The second picture is just for... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments: wk 34

Macro Moments: Wk 34 The green is just now starting to show up around here. It was 33 degrees out when I got up this morning. Funny how the weeds in the lawn are the first to show up. This... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments- Wk 32

Macro Moments- Wk 32 Pine needles on a Pine tree in an ice storm. That tree got a lot of damage that year. Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT; F-stop: 6.3; Exposure time: 1/100 sec.; ISO-400; Exposure bias: 0; Focal length:... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments: Baby Animals 2.0

Macro Moments Challenge This was such a fun challenge.  I couldn't decide between this baby Schnauzer and the first one. Then I felt bad that I didn't choose this one first. So I'm adding him to the submissions. Believe me... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments: Baby Animals

Macro Moments: Baby Animals A baby Miniature Schnauzer. This little girl is a chocolate color. At this age, they have green eyes which turn to a dark brown as they get older. This is more of a close-up shot than... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments- wk 29

Macro Moments- wk 29 Well darn it, I missed week 28 somewhere. Oh well. Here's my submission for week 29. I spied this little, ugly bug shell while I was wandering around the yard one day. Clearly it had come... Continue Reading →

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