Can I just say that I hate arguing? The people that know me know this. They know it very well and they use it to their advantage (Hubs). Probably subconsciously- I'm giving them the benefit of a doubt here. The point is I know that it's happening and it makes it even more annoying. There... Continue Reading →


Menopause Is A Sadistic B*

I realize that vast numbers of women have not gone through "the change" yet. I don't want to scare you, but even if I do, you don't have a choice. It's inevitable. Hmmm... that should do it. No, really... your experience could possibly be barely noticeable. That's what I've read anyway. Of course I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess With Mom

I can't help it. I laughed so hard at these. Don't mess with Mom! The link to more is below. Note: The "f" word is in some of them. Just in case that bothers some people. Never mess with your Mom

When Clothes Attack

Or:  As The Body Turns. Yep, it's happened and is happening. I've never had much luck with clothes in general, but lately it's gotten to be a full-blown attack from them. Being flat-chested ( I read a bra ad the other day that called it an "athletic" chest. I literally laughed out loud.), with a... Continue Reading →


I don't want this to be a gripe session, but there are a few things that irritate the crap outa me. I feel the need to purge my irritation, so I guess there's no other way around it. Both of these peeves have to do with people who are way too self absorbed. A warning-there... Continue Reading →

The Ladies’ Room

For the DP of "squat", which is an odd word; this was the first thing I thought of (sorry). I'd just recently posted this so thought I'd link to it for the Daily Prompt . Daily Prompt- Squat Here's how it goes: You're a woman, out in public, like shopping or at the movies or... Continue Reading →

I Love You So Much

I asked Hubs what he wanted for Valentine's Day. He said "Nothing. I don't need anything." I thought "Well of course you don't need anything! Yay! I've met all of your needs! I'm your wife!"  Which is a joke of course. But in all honesty, we really don't need anything, and we don't have that many wants.... Continue Reading →

COB- wk 48

Cee's Oddball Challenge: week 48 This guy. I couldn't resist getting a photo of this. I don't know how he got that stuff piled up there. The van was swaying side to side as they went down the highway. In addition to that it looks like it's riding pretty low so there's a lot of... Continue Reading →

Quote 2

"Any person capable of angering you becomes your master; he can anger you only when you permit yourself to be disturbed by him.” ~Epictetus~   I have used this one extensively. I feel that this goes for any emotion. I feel that if someone manipulates you through your emotions, you are their puppet. Speaking from... Continue Reading →

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