COB- 3/18/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 3/18/18 There's so much to look at in this photo that I'm only posting one this week. I have no explanation for it.  This photo was taken in May 2017. The photo is bigger than this, but for some reason WP won't let me make it bigger. Oh well. There are a... Continue Reading →


WPC- I’d Rather Be…

Weekly Photo Challenge 3/14/18 Outside capturing sights and memories with my camera.  

CYW- wk 11

Color Your World March 11-17 Mountain Meadow:   Midnight Blue: Olive Green: Brown: Wild Strawberry: Vivid Violet: Maroon:

Waiting for Spring

I'm getting excited about Spring! My little shrubs in the front of the house have bloomed with their pretty pink flowers. I think they're some sort of Japanese Cherry bush. I put some hyacinths in the ground last year and I thought they were goners, but they popped up a few weeks ago! The white... Continue Reading →

CYW- Wk 9

Color Your World- wk 9 Sea Green:   Cerulean:   Green Yellow: Vivid Tangerine: Eggplant: Violet: Tickle Me Pink:  

WPC- A Face in the Crowd

WPC- A Face in the Crowd Hmm. Well they DO call it a "challenge".  If anyone has seen my posts, they'll realize that I don't have many photos of people. Generally I don't take photos of people I don't know. Also with this blog I've chosen to keep anonymity a priority for myself and my... Continue Reading →

CYW- Week 8

Color Your World- 2/18/18   Forest Green: Pacific Blue: From the Chihuly Gardens & Glass in Seattle, WA. It was breathtaking!     Yellow: You didn't think I'd get through this challenge without a few hot rods did you? I still have some I haven't used yet. 🙂   Outrageous Orange:   Red Violet:  ... Continue Reading →

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