Something Fun

I love to do "artsy" things. I've always drawn things. I remember drawing as far back as 2nd or 3rd grade. I also paint and do various other crafts like polymer clay, jewelry and decoupage. So imagine my absolute glee when I came across these two artistic techniques. Maybe you already know about these but... Continue Reading →

Jewelry Box revived

I saw this jewelry box and had to rescue it. It had nice bones but had not been treated kindly in it's lifetime. Plus it had a simple shape just perfect for what I wanted to do. It's been finished for a while and I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Looking at the ones I... Continue Reading →

Repainted Mirror

I found this mirror in an antique store somewhere. I was pretty excited to find it because it's so lovely and I'd been looking for mirrors for a while.  I thought it was really pretty as it was, but decided I wanted it to be a bit brighter & more cheerful. The fact that a... Continue Reading →

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