It seems I've been stumbling along lately. I haven't been posting here even though I enjoy it. The rocks in my road of life have gotten huge and difficult to get over. Both Hubs and I got a nasty respiratory infection all through December. Then I took it further with dehydration and ended up in... Continue Reading →

RDP: Curmudgeon

Daily Prompt: Curmudgeon I don't know why, but I like the word curmudgeon. It's fun to say. I think they call them "Karens" now...curmudgeons. People who can't seem to love life and roll with its ups and downs. Like they're mad at everything and everyone all the time. I feel sad for them, being in... Continue Reading →

Hair It Is

Hair. It's a magical, fantastical, incredible material. We can cut it without pain. We can change it's color. We can shape it and even change it's structure. It regenerates itself even after we've nuked it with chemotherapy. We can see what's in the body (chemicals, drugs, nutrients etc.) by testing the hair. Straight hair strands... Continue Reading →

Cataract Surgery

Yeah. I feel old. Just had cataract surgery. Both eyes, although 3 weeks apart. My left eye was first because it was the worst. I basically couldn't see out of it. Everything was super blurry. The surgery did a great job of fixing that! I just got the other eye done yesterday. And here I... Continue Reading →

About Horses

I thought I'd write about something I know about. Horses. They've been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. I got my first real horse when I was 10, although I'd been pretending I had one for years before. When I got out of high school I went to... Continue Reading →

Oh. You’re an Introvert

What's wrong with being an introvert? (Nothing). Why is it that being an introvert has a negative connotation? That because you're not flying from one person to another at a party like a butterfly to flowers, that it's wrong. That there's something wrong with you. Like we are ALL supposed to glom onto one another... Continue Reading →

RDP- Reinstall

RDP- Reinstall This is the perfect topic for me to talk about my experience with the new "Full Site Editor" on WP. I've built websites before (a long time ago) and adjusted to the new block editor from the classic editor. So I wasn't resistant to the FSE. It sounded good in that I could... Continue Reading →

Rock and a Hard Place

You've heard that saying, right? Between a rock & a hard place. It's where I'm at right now. Feeling trapped, locked down, almost imprisoned---- by my dogs. I can hear the collective intake of air from people as they read that. Before you burn me at the stake, let me explain. I love my dogs... Continue Reading →


It’s a lot of waiting. Sitting here in a room designated for just that. Hubs is having open heart surgery at the very moment I’m writing this. I wrote a post earlier about being scared and worried, but I deleted it. It wasn’t very upbeat. I don’t usually, but I read about open heart surgery... Continue Reading →

Me and He #1

So, I've been working on some little cartoons depicting some of the differences between me and my Hubs. It seemed appropriate to call the series "Me and He". Don't get me wrong... I love my Hubs. Sometimes though, he makes me crazy and I truly wonder what planet he's from. It's been 33 years and... Continue Reading →

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