COB- 2/25/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 2/25/18 This  bear statue was at the botanical gardens in Anchorage, Alaska.  It's very pretty and not something you see every day.


Social- Not

Well here I am again. I've been invited to a "gathering". It's one of those "product parties", for lack of the proper terminology. You know, where a group of people (usually just women) go to someone's house and they try to sell you something. This sets me off for a couple of reasons. A) I... Continue Reading →

DP- Imagination

Since I'm not feeling like exploring the meaning of life today, I thought I'd show you some fractals. Gorgeous, mesmerizing, fantastic fractals. If you've never seen one, you're in for a treat. If you don't know what a fractal is, here's the definition: A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are... Continue Reading →

DP- Encrusted

Well, we are encrusted in ice as of yesterday. Freezing rain with below freezing temps is what we usually get here in OK. Rarely do we get actual snow. These photos are from a previous ice storm.  It was a doozy. Lasted for about a week and we got ice and snow. The current ice... Continue Reading →

Crying Over You

This fractal is called "Crying Over You". I'm posting it today along with thoughts & prayers for the kids and families in Florida. It's all so heartbreaking.

It’s Westminster Time!

Woo Hoo!! The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is on! We watch it every year and this year I'm actually getting to watch the breed judging online. Too cool! Today they are showing the breeds from the three final groups: Working, Sporting and Terrier. Yesterday was the breeds from the Non-Sporting, Toy, Herding and Hound... Continue Reading →

COB- 2/4/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 2/4/18 Well, I had my COB all figured out this week; until I went over to Cee's blog and found out there was a theme. Ha! No biggie. I just had to change gears. These photos are from some stores that are down in Dallas, TX. There's an entire street for miles... Continue Reading →

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