WPC- I’d Rather Be…

Weekly Photo Challenge 3/14/18 Outside capturing sights and memories with my camera.  


WPC- A Face in the Crowd

WPC- A Face in the Crowd Hmm. Well they DO call it a "challenge".  If anyone has seen my posts, they'll realize that I don't have many photos of people. Generally I don't take photos of people I don't know. Also with this blog I've chosen to keep anonymity a priority for myself and my... Continue Reading →

WPC- Sweet

Weekly Photo Challenge- Sweet I'm not a big foodie and I haven't taken many photos of food. However, I did take a photo of this lovely dessert. It's Tiramisu and it was heaven on a spoon. Changing gears on the interpretation of sweet, here are some moms & babies: And then some puppies. Puppies are... Continue Reading →

WPC- Tour Guide

Oklahoma is a pretty cool place. No, really. First of all, the people are super friendly here. And no, it's not like the old west here. I know some people from other countries ( and even some people from other states) think we still have covered wagons and gunfights like the OK Corral. Nope. We've... Continue Reading →

WPC- Beloved

Weekly Photo Challenge- Beloved Without question Hubs and Dear Son are my most beloved. As they should  be. With that being said, I will focus on my beloved animals for this challenge. This was a really, really tough one for me. As I've posted previously in these posts: Goodbye My Friend DP- Cling Goodbye My... Continue Reading →

WPC- Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge- Silence If you've been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you know how the sheer enormity and absolute silence of the canyon strikes  you. Most of the times I've been there, there haven't been many people to interrupt that silence. If there were, I'd wait until they left so I could experience... Continue Reading →

WPC- Weathered

Weathered I love things that are weathered. They show so much character and I wonder about all the things they've seen and the stories they could tell.  

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