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Weekly Photo Challenge

Goodbye My Friend

Photo Challenge- Friend I'm reluctant to write about this, but seeing as how the topic presented itself right at this time, I feel it's a sign. I had to say goodbye to one of my furbabies yesterday. She was more... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge- The Road Taken I've taken a lot of roads. I love taking photos of those roads. But there are a few places that have literally taken my breath away. At the top of that short list is... Continue Reading →

WPC- Names

Weekly Photo Challenge- Names I wonder who got to name this street? I think it'd be fun to have this as your address. Then there are other people who really  shouldn't be in charge of naming things... just sayin'...  

Resilient and Determined

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Resilient Resilient and determined. They go well together. Although the topic is Resilient, this tree is also determined. It's resilient enough to grow through this rock from just a sprout to a full-sized tree. It's also... Continue Reading →

The Paths We Take

Path Some paths are an adventure. Others, we do not know what they lead to. Then there are those that we never want to leave. There are some paths we go down that are scary. Some that fall off the... Continue Reading →


WPC- Relax Some photos of puppies past. I don't know if there's anything sweeter than a pile o' pups in dreamland. The batteries only last so long on puppies. Baby Christmas just barely made it to the bed before hers... Continue Reading →

WPC- Transmogrify

Transmogrify to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform. What an interesting word. I'd never heard it or read it before, so I've learned something new! I was going to use Gollum from Lord of the Rings in... Continue Reading →

The World Around Me

The Weekly Photo Challenge  from the Daily Post is "Local". I'll share some photos from some areas local to me, here in Oklahoma. This state is really surprising in all the places to see.    

WPC- Earth

Earth Earth. Home. The wonders of our world are boundless. I've seen a minute fraction and am continuously in awe. From the extraordinary skies: to the water: to the flora: and the fauna: to the formations of the Earth itself:... Continue Reading →

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