WPC- Glow

Photo Challenge- Glow So over at the Daily Post, Jen is talking about the Golden Hour. Yes, it is totally magical. Yes, photographers go dreamy eyed at the thought.  Even non-photographers marvel at that special time. Anyone with eyeballs should. I could post some photos of things during that magical hour, but when I saw... Continue Reading →


Photo Challenge- Windows

Photo Challenge- Windows I had to dig through the folders for this challenge but here you go! While we were stuck in traffic we were being watched with great interest by this French Bulldog. He/she was so cute I had to get a photo. Some beautiful windows on this log house. I was out on... Continue Reading →

WPC- Layered

WPC- Layered The topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge is "layered".  All of these photos are from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area. These are my submissions.

WPC- Structure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure "This week, share with us the structure of something typically overlooked." I love macro photography. It gives me the opportunity to see something in a way that I'd never be able to otherwise. The structure of flowers & plants magnified always surprises me and one of my biggest surprises was the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Friend

Photo Challenge- Friend I'm reluctant to write about this, but seeing as how the topic presented itself right at this time, I feel it's a sign. I had to say goodbye to one of my furbabies yesterday. She was more than just a friend, she was a part of our family. She was 10 years... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge- The Road Taken I've taken a lot of roads. I love taking photos of those roads. But there are a few places that have literally taken my breath away. At the top of that short list is Mt. Robson in the Canadian Rockies. We were coming from the west in British Columbia... Continue Reading →

WPC- Names

Weekly Photo Challenge- Names I wonder who got to name this street? I think it'd be fun to have this as your address. Then there are other people who really  shouldn't be in charge of naming things... just sayin'...  

Resilient and Determined

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Resilient Resilient and determined. They go well together. Although the topic is Resilient, this tree is also determined. It's resilient enough to grow through this rock from just a sprout to a full-sized tree. It's also determined enough to keep growing. It couldn't have been easy for the tree. This didn't... Continue Reading →

The Paths We Take

Path Some paths are an adventure. Others, we do not know what they lead to. Then there are those that we never want to leave. There are some paths we go down that are scary. Some that fall off the face of the earth. We take them, although we don't know what's on the other... Continue Reading →

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