PaWC: Summer Vacation 2020

Photo a Week Challenge - Summer Vacation 2020. I think I will call it Retrospective Vacation 2020. I would love to be at any of these places right now. These days just going down the road is a big deal, so all of these would be my favorite. Gold Bridge road in BC, Canada Moraine... Continue Reading →

PaWC: Changing Seasons

Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons It's starting to feel like spring here. The rainy/stormy/tornado season is beginning. Grass is turning green and so far, the only flowers I've seen are dandelions.

Photo a Week: Red

Photo a Week: Red I think (guessing) that these are Gerbera daisies. Whatever they are, I'd love to have them in my flower bed! I didn't saturate the color on this photo. These stalks were actually this red!

PaWC- Ice

Photo a Week Challenge- Ice Here in Oklahoma, we get more ice than snow. A couple of years have had some pretty bad ice storms. These photos are from the ice storm of 2010. The ice doesn't seem to bother the cardinals or a red-headed woodpecker. The pine tree was completely encased. The ice made... Continue Reading →

Halloween Decorations Day 5

I'm jumping in on this challenge from Granny Shot It! I'm all over Halloween decorations and such so it's right up my alley. These are a couple of mine. This is Ralph, with his pet gecko Spike. Don't get too close to Spike. He bites. This is Ralph's girlfriend Myrtle with her pet gecko, Tiffany.... Continue Reading →

PaWC- What’s for Dinner

Photo a Week Challenge: What's for Dinner This challenge was in August but I'm just now getting to it. This is Hubs' chicken enchilada soup. It was so pretty, I had to get a picture. It's delicious too! A salad that I ordered in Santa Fe. It was enough for 5 people! I wish I'd... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Stacked

Photo a Week Challenge: Stacked Of course I thought of rocks. It looks like it was putty that hardened. Watches in a watch store. And this guy.... complete definition of stacked. I'm still in wonder at how he got all of that stuff up there. It was scary how the van was swaying side to... Continue Reading →

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