L-APC: Mountains

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: The Mountains Are Calling I couldn't pass this one up. We love going to the mountains and I have a ton of photos of them. The hard part is picking which ones. BC, Canada. The Canadian Rockies. 93 south, BC, Canada Near Juneau, Alaska Inside Passage, along the Canadian/Alaskan coast Colorado, USA... Continue Reading →

Cataract Surgery

Yeah. I feel old. Just had cataract surgery. Both eyes, although 3 weeks apart. My left eye was first because it was the worst. I basically couldn't see out of it. Everything was super blurry. The surgery did a great job of fixing that! I just got the other eye done yesterday. And here I... Continue Reading →

L-APC: Favorite Finds

Lens-Artist Challenge #214: Favorite Finds I don't go to a lot of museums. But I have been to a lot of antique stores. I started taking photos of creepy things in them which I share around Halloween. I call it "Super Creepy Crap". I haven't gotten new photos lately 'cuz of COVID though. But anyway...... Continue Reading →

LAPC- Photographic Groove

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge- Photographic Groove It's pretty clear that my groove is animals and nature; as in flowers, sunsets and rural places. I really like taking macro shots too. Macros show a whole other level of detail that's unknown to the naked eye. This is a Lantana petal with a drop of water in the... Continue Reading →

L-AC: Three photos

I'm late, as usual. The theme for this Lens-Artist Challenge is 3 Favorite Photos. We are supposed to pick 3 of our favorite photos from different genres. It'll be difficult to pick just 3. Hopefully I won't get lost going down the rabbit hole of looking through my photos. It happens. Frequently. I've posted this... Continue Reading →

About Horses

I thought I'd write about something I know about. Horses. They've been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. I got my first real horse when I was 10, although I'd been pretending I had one for years before. When I got out of high school I went to... Continue Reading →

Oh. You’re an Introvert

What's wrong with being an introvert? (Nothing). Why is it that being an introvert has a negative connotation? That because you're not flying from one person to another at a party like a butterfly to flowers, that it's wrong. That there's something wrong with you. Like we are ALL supposed to glom onto one another... Continue Reading →

LAPC- Eyes

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: The Eyes Have It I thought for the longest time that the white spot on the road runner was his eye. I never got a good look until I got a photo of him. His eye is actually right in front of the white spot. This zebra seems to have a peaceful... Continue Reading →

LAPC- Light & Shadow

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge- Light & Shadow What a fun topic! Time to go hunt through the archives... Reflection in the TV of the sun hitting a gazing ball on the couch HaHa Tonka Castle New Mexico

L-AC: Bokeh

Lens-Artist Challenge: Bokeh Thanks to Sofia for a cool topic! For some reason, this was a fun one for me. Got some bubble bokeh goin' on! I like how the colors are still there on this one. Just some blurred background but the yellow enhances the purple. When your name is "Badlands", what else do... Continue Reading →

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