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“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.” ~Stephen R. Covey~



Can I just say that I hate arguing? The people that know me know this. They know it very well and they use it to their advantage (Hubs). Probably subconsciously- I'm giving them the benefit of a doubt here. The point is I know that it's happening and it makes it even more annoying. There... Continue Reading →

Flower Of The Day- Snapdragon

Cee has a beautiful blog with stunning photos. She posts a Flower of the Day and invites us all to share our flower photos. So this is my offering of some Snapdragons. I think they were mini Snapdragons. They were so tiny!

DP- Mighty

DP- Mighty I wish I was as mighty as an ant. An ant can carry 10-50 times it's own body weight. I guess along with that ability comes confidence and determination. I've seen red ants a hundred yards from their hill. That's a football field for us. It seems like it would be travelling across... Continue Reading →

WPC- Layered

WPC- Layered The topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge is "layered".  All of these photos are from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area. These are my submissions.

WPC- Structure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure "This week, share with us the structure of something typically overlooked." I love macro photography. It gives me the opportunity to see something in a way that I'd never be able to otherwise. The structure of flowers & plants magnified always surprises me and one of my biggest surprises was the... Continue Reading →

DP- Solitary

Being an introvert, I'm good with solitary.  I'm alone for most of the day, most of the time and I only occasionally talk to anyone during that time. I don't have the TV on during the day. I don't need "people noise." Someone once said "Being alone doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely."  It's true. I've... Continue Reading →

COB- 8/13/17

Cee's Oddball Photo Challenge When we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2015, we saw the Loretto Chapel and the fantastic staircase inside. There are much better pictures than mine out there, but here are my contributions. Why is there a legend associated with this staircase and why is it considered miraculous? First, when... Continue Reading →

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