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CYW- Salmon

Salmon Oddly, this cliff in Zion Nat'l Park, with the rock climbers hanging off of it has a lot of salmon color. Who'd have guessed? Just for clarification, here is a closer view of the rock climbers and their stuff.

CYW- Scarlet

Frankly Scarlet... oh wait, that's another subject... This color is intense!! Only this car in a knock-you-out red would do.

COB- 4/23/17

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 4/23/17 Birth of a thunderstorm, somewhere around the New Mexico/Colorado border: "Don't mind me. Jus hangin' out... watin' fer mah frens tah show up." "Heer they come! Let's get thiz partee started!" (I'm guessing using cloud spelling... Continue Reading →

Macro Moments #36

Macro Moments #36 I was afraid I wouldn't find a photo with bokeh, but then I came across this one with the beautiful bubble bokeh. Yay!

CWW- 4/21/17

Cee's Which Way- April 21, 2017 Going To The Sun Road,  in Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana. Where they build a bridge over the waterfall. So cool. Such an incredible place. A road  in Idaho. With trees this tall on both... Continue Reading →

CYW- Wild Watermelon

Wild Watermelon

CYW- Radical Red & Mauvelous

Radical Red   Mauvelous    

CYW- x5

Blush   Tickle Me Pink Pink Sherbet Maroon Red

Vancouver Island

I just got through submitting a post for Cee's Oddbal Photo Challenge . It's a neat challenge and always fun to see the oddball photos that people have. Anyway, I used some photos from our Canadian trip that took us to Vancouver... Continue Reading →

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