Photo a Week: City/Townscapes

I've chosen a few different places from a few different views. Skagway, Alaska is a pretty neat town. Of course it's set up for all of the tourists coming off of the numerous cruise ships that dock there every day. Downtown Skagway, Alaska. Ketchikan, Alaska is another neat town. However, all of these places are... Continue Reading →


CFFC- Texture

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Texture It was fun to find different types of texture. Here are a few. Cactus flower Ice storm in Oklahoma Chihuly glass in Seattle, Washington At Robber's Cave, in Oklahoma A view from an airplane

Social Situations

I'm pretty crappy in social situations. You know, like gatherings, get-togethers, groups of people in a room. I've written about it before; being an introvert. I think it's just being an introvert. I hope it's not some kind of phobia thing. I can live through them. I've made myself go to some of those things... Continue Reading →

Something Fun

I love to do "artsy" things. I've always drawn things. I remember drawing as far back as 2nd or 3rd grade. I also paint and do various other crafts like polymer clay, jewelry and decoupage. So imagine my absolute glee when I came across these two artistic techniques. Maybe you already know about these but... Continue Reading →

CFFC- Orange & Pink

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge is Orange & Pink  I think nature loves the combination. I think I love the combination. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's orange or if it's pink. So would it then be "pinge" or "orink"? I don't think "oink" would work. 😀 Maybe it's just peach. Here are some of... Continue Reading →

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