CYW: Antique Brass

Yay! Jennifer is doing her Color Your World series again this year! This time it's one color per week. This week's color is Antique Brass. Hex# cd9575 A cute little American Saddlebred foal. In horse terms his color would be called chestnut, or sorrel.

CYW- April 22-30 2018

I'm combining these last two weeks of the challenge since I'm late on last week anyway. This is the end of the challenge. 😦  It is always a lot of fun and this year was no exception. Thanks to Jennifer over at Tourmaline for hosting this challenge! Wow! A lot of these colors are so... Continue Reading →

CYW- April 15-21/2018

Color Your World- April 15-21 Pine Green Glacier Nat'l Park. If you've never been...for the love of nature!  Pack up & go! 🙂 Cadet Blue Bowman Lake- northwestern part of Glacier Nat'l Park. Brick Red   Mango Tango   Carnation Pink   Raw Sienna Scarlet

CYW- April 2-7

Color Your World- April 2-7 Caribbean Green This was a tough color to find.  Luckily, there's an orb in the Chihuly Glass exhibit that matches. Actually, this photo could probably be used for all the colors this week. 🙂     Blue Another Chihuly glass orb. I thought it was pretty cool that they positioned... Continue Reading →

CYW- wk 13

Color Your World- 3/25/18 Jungle Green   Denim   Unmellow Yellow (hex # is ffff66)  I just have to say here that this was one of the most perfect dandelions I'd ever seen. Orange Lavender ( I sure don't know how they associated this color with Lavender. Looks pink to me.)   Beaver Radical Red

CYW- wk 12

CYW- wk 12 Shamrock: Navy Blue Laser Lemon Sepia Magenta Fuchsia Red Since I couldn't decide between these two, I'm using both.  

CYW- wk 11

Color Your World March 11-17 Mountain Meadow:   Midnight Blue: Olive Green: Brown: Wild Strawberry: Vivid Violet: Maroon:

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