Does a Bear Poop on the Road?

I've been on quite a few adventures. Some were great, some not so great. This one was both. Hubs and I were in Canada. It's a beautiful place, at least the parts we've seen which is British Columbia and the west side of Alberta. Things are much more spread out there, as in towns are much... Continue Reading →

Fricking Obstacles

Discover Challenge: Obstacles Yeah, I'm a little late to this one because of obstacles. There are so many that I feel like I'm in a house of mirrors. Obstacles not just for this challenge, but for almost all of the things I want to do because of the things I have to do. I'm so frustrated and stressed... Continue Reading →

Risky Weather

Risk It's risky where I live. Especially this time of year. It's called Tornado Alley for a reason. There's a moderate risk for tornadoes tomorrow in fact. Bigger risk for baseball sized hail. And 70mph wind. Yay. Does that mean that my house will get hit with all three? I certainly hope not. I'd rather... Continue Reading →

Be Who You Are

Identity Ah, Identity. That's a big one. Who we are. Who we want people to think we are. Who we want to be. Who we end up being. What we like about ourselves. What we dislike and want to change about ourselves. It's a life-long thing isn't it? Identity. So many people juggle several, I... Continue Reading →

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