WPC- All Time Favs: Flowers

WPC- All Time Favorites I'm stretching out the WPC and doing several categories. This one is flowers. I love taking photos of flowers. I get to see these beauties long after they've gone and they continue to make me happy.  

Final WPC- All-Time Favorites

Weekly Photo Challenge- All Time Favorites Man, I can't believe this is the last one. This is sad. Here are some of my all-time favorite photos. I don't usually do slideshows, but since I've chosen a bunch of photos I thought it'd be easier for y'all to see them. Farewell WPC! You will be missed.

WPC- Prolific

WPC- Prolific I think it's fair to say I'm prolific with photos. It sure feels like a mountain of 'em when I'm trying to organize and back them up. It's no lie that this blog is heavy on the photographic side. They range from pleasing to downright "it's horrible but it's the only one I... Continue Reading →

CYW- April 15-21/2018

Color Your World- April 15-21 Pine Green Glacier Nat'l Park. If you've never been...for the love of nature!  Pack up & go! 🙂 Cadet Blue Bowman Lake- northwestern part of Glacier Nat'l Park. Brick Red   Mango Tango   Carnation Pink   Raw Sienna Scarlet

CYW- April 2-7

Color Your World- April 2-7 Caribbean Green This was a tough color to find.  Luckily, there's an orb in the Chihuly Glass exhibit that matches. Actually, this photo could probably be used for all the colors this week. 🙂     Blue Another Chihuly glass orb. I thought it was pretty cool that they positioned... Continue Reading →

Waiting for Spring

I'm getting excited about Spring! My little shrubs in the front of the house have bloomed with their pretty pink flowers. I think they're some sort of Japanese Cherry bush. I put some hyacinths in the ground last year and I thought they were goners, but they popped up a few weeks ago! The white... Continue Reading →

CYW- Wk 9

Color Your World- wk 9 Sea Green:   Cerulean:   Green Yellow: Vivid Tangerine: Eggplant: Violet: Tickle Me Pink:  

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