PaWC: Abandoned

PaWC: Abandoned I love old abandoned buildings and houses. I try to get photos of them when I can. Near the Moffat Tunnel, Colorado Mini Ha Ha Tonka Castle, Missouri Idaho. It says "reported" on the roof. Queen Wilhemina Parkway/Talimena Drive Boreas Pass, Colorado I'm not sure if this counts as abandoned. This was a... Continue Reading →

PaWC: Working with Animals

Photo a Week Challenge: Working with Animals I'm choosing to use the interaction with animals. Even though this little guy was in a separate car, he still communicated to me. He was so cute I had to get a picture. My dogs- hogging the space heater under my desk. This guy, having a seat at... Continue Reading →

CMMC- Silver or Gold

Cee's Midweek Madness Challenge: Silver or Gold Folks seemed to be interested in my ice photos, so I thought I'd share some more for this challenge. In an ice storm, everything looks like silver or crystal. Trees sparkle, the ice sparkles and a cloudy sky gives a silver tone to everything. An example of what... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Cracked

Photo a Week Challenge: Cracked I thought it'd be easy to find examples for this challenge. It was harder than I thought! Luckily, I have photos of glaciers, which have a lot of cracks! Not a glacier, but still interesting. These rocks seem almost man-made. Robber's Cave, Oklahoma. Hubbard Glacier is North America's largest tidewater... Continue Reading →

PaWC- The Road Not Taken

Photo a Week Challenge: The Road Not Taken One of my favorite things to photograph is roads. So for me, this was a great topic that Nancy came up with! I saved it until I could put together a post for it. The only difference is that I HAVE taken all of these roads. They... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Attitude

Photo a Week Challenge: Attitude There are all kinds of attitude. I get a lot of it from this itty bitty. Time to feed me! You don't scare me! Nothing like feeling the wind in your face! There's the laid back attitude: Sea lions have it figured out. Puppies do too. There's a punk attitude... Continue Reading →

PaWC: Squirrel!

The Photo a Week Challenge is: Squirrel. These are all of the same squirrel who was entertaining us while we ate lunch. He decided to stop and pose for me.

PaWC- Anything

Photo a Week Challenge: Anything It's an open topic this week! Got an opportunity to get this guy who was on the other side of the glass. A big fire over the horizon in New Mexico. There was a display of Corvettes at a mall in Odessa, TX. This is a 1967 restoration that I... Continue Reading →

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