Bloganuary: What’s Your Favorite Photo You’ve Ever Taken

Well, of course, I'm late to the party. I don't remember getting the notification of this challenge from WP, but now that I've come across it this prompt interests me. I can't pick just one photo from ALL the photos! Maybe a few would be ok. So in no particular order: A solar halo that... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Animals

Photo a Week Challenge- Animals Gosh, I have so many photos of animals it's gonna be hard to pick just a few! They almost look like statues. A Longhorn in Oklahoma. A lovely Arabian mare.

PaWC- Funny Signs

Photo a Week Challenge I've got some pics of funny signs. On a few of them, you can make what you will of them. They were out in public to be seen so I'm not apologizing for what I thought when I saw them. This one had a really cute horse. If you've ever watched... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Food

Photo a Week Challenge- Food I don't take a lot of photos of food. It's got to be something exceptional- good or bad- for me to photograph it. Here are a few that made the grade. A chicken-fried steak sandwich at a local restaurant. Forget the bun! This thing covers the whole plate! In contrast,... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Bokeh

Photo a Week Challenge- Bokeh I think the background adds perspective on this one. The green background makes this red really pop and there's some bubble bokeh. The yellow in the background adds some contrast to the moth. This one has the cool bubble bokeh. The yellow in the background compliments the purple. I like... Continue Reading →

Flickr’s World Photo Day Contest

For those of you who are already a part of Flickr, you probably already know about this photography contest. For those who don't know, here's the link: World Photo Day Contest Here are the highlights of information that I've found. The contest celebrates World Photography Day, which is August 19. The contest however, is open... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Horizontal Lines

Photo a Week Challenge It seems like I have more photos with vertical lines than horizontal. But I found a few to fit the category. Glacier Nat'l Park- Logan Pass Colorado, USA Kentucky, USA. I didn't realize just how many horizontal lines are in this photo. Wow. Ocean Shores, WA Canadian Rockies, Hwy 93, BC/Alberta,... Continue Reading →

L-APC #159: Postcards

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #159: Postcards Ana is the guest host for this challenge and she had a brilliant idea of using postcards for the topic. Postcards have quickly become a relic. I can't remember the last time I saw any for sale. Everything concerning communication is so instant now, paper communication for the most part... Continue Reading →

PaWC- Reflections

Photo a Week Challenge- Reflections Reflection of the sunset in the window. Bowman Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park Seattle Space Tower reflected in a Chihuly glass orb. Reflection in the TV of the sun hitting a gazing ball on the couch A sun halo captured 6/2/20. Caused by refraction and reflection of ice crystals in the... Continue Reading →

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