Me and He #3

Ah yes. Going out. To dinner, to the movies, to a party... anywhere that I would perceive to require an upgrade in appearance. I'm exaggerating about the 2 hours and the zero minutes. I can get ready in much less time and it does take him a few minutes to put on his flip-flops. 😀


It’s a lot of waiting. Sitting here in a room designated for just that. Hubs is having open heart surgery at the very moment I’m writing this. I wrote a post earlier about being scared and worried, but I deleted it. It wasn’t very upbeat. I don’t usually, but I read about open heart surgery... Continue Reading →

Me and He #2

Tis the season for shopping; although this cartoon is good for all year. When we go to the mall, this is why I shop all day and Hubs is back in under an hour. BTW- he wore the shoes he just bought straight out of the store. The graphic at the top is from a... Continue Reading →

Me and He #1

So, I've been working on some little cartoons depicting some of the differences between me and my Hubs. It seemed appropriate to call the series "Me and He". Don't get me wrong... I love my Hubs. Sometimes though, he makes me crazy and I truly wonder what planet he's from. It's been 33 years and... Continue Reading →

The Guyde

I've thought for a long time that guys get this handbook called "The Guyde" while they are still in the womb. It must be the rules and regs. of being a guy. Now, to be sure, I'm not a guy and I could totally be wrong about this. 🙂 I think girls must get a... Continue Reading →

The Potholes of Life

The road of life is always changing. It has rocks and bumps and potholes.  Thankfully it also has smooth stretches that are like newly paved asphalt. You know the ones that are so smooth that it feels like you're floating. We all like those. But I don't think we'd appreciate them as much if it... Continue Reading →

Issues with Respect

This was a draft that sat here for a while before I got back to it and finished my thoughts. The RDP of "respect" fit perfectly. These are MY thoughts and opinions on some issues that I have been through in relationships with family and friends. I can only assume that other people have been... Continue Reading →

The Big Three Oh

30. It's a milestone. People turn thirty and they (generally) get a new perspective on life. Like they're not a kid anymore. Some people freak out too I guess. As far as age goes, I'm looking at double that this year. Talk about a different perspective. How the hell did I get this old? Not... Continue Reading →

COB- April 1, 2018

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 4/1/18 Woo Hoo!  I'm catching up on all of Cee's Challenges that I've been getting behind on! Ok...This may seem weird, but this is what I found in the refrigerator. Hubs thought it was worth putting back in there. Why? Hmmm... I have an idea. Although it makes no sense. My educated... Continue Reading →


Can I just say that I hate arguing? The people that know me know this. They know it very well and they use it to their advantage (Hubs). Probably subconsciously- I'm giving them the benefit of a doubt here. The point is I know that it's happening and it makes it even more annoying. There... Continue Reading →

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