Issues with Respect

This was a draft that sat here for a while before I got back to it and finished my thoughts. The RDP of "respect" fit perfectly. These are MY thoughts and opinions on some issues that I have been through in relationships with family and friends. I can only assume that other people have been... Continue Reading →


Ok, so I'm over at looking up a word to make sure it's spelled right. Turns out "hoard" does not have an "e" on the end. I think it looks better with the "e", but oh well. Anyway, this little box is at the bottom and it says "What is Ghosting?" Now, I've heard... Continue Reading →

A Pet Peeve

"Pet peeve". It's a strange description, if you think about it.  I guess since a "peeve" is something that annoys you, if it continues to annoy you and stays around, it becomes a "pet". My all-time major pet peeve is liars. Liars and lying are the worst. You trust someone, you believe what they tell... Continue Reading →

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