CFFC: Sense of Tasting

CFFC: Sense of Tasting Chicken fried steak sandwich at a local restaurant. A salad at a restaurant in Santa Fe, NM. Some delicious Tiramisu. Hubs' tasty chicken enchilada soup. A much less desirable meal. A novel idea for a footlong hot dog.

Ha Ha Tonka Castle

This is the tragic story of Ha Ha Tonka Castle. It is now a part of Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The park is located near the Lake of the Ozarks and the town of Camdenton in Missouri. Funny name? I think so. It's said to mean "laughing spirit", "big laugh" or "smiling waters"; referring... Continue Reading →

CFFC: Topic From Photo 2

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Topic from photo 2 I've picked the road as my topic from Cee's photo. Vanishing point sort of goes along with that. I love taking photos of roads so this was an easy choice. Oklahoma Utah Nebraska Colorado

CFFC: Looking Up

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge : Point Your Camera Up I'm trying to find some different ideas for this challenge, rather than the obvious sunsets that I'd usually post. This is a cool cloud that we had one day. It is NOT a tornado. Another really cool cloud. Takakaw Falls A feeble attempt at getting a... Continue Reading →

CFFC- Water

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge- Water Thanks Cee! I have lots of water photos! I'll try to limit it somewhat though. 🙂 Takakkaw Falls , BC, Canada. This waterfall has a drop of 833 ft. and is spectacular! Hwy 93 South, BC/Alberta, Canada A freezing waterfall right next to the highway. Somewhere in Colorado. A glacial-fed... Continue Reading →

CFFC: Feathers

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Feathers. Ocean Shores, Washington Ocean Shores, Washington Bald Eagle that was on display at the top of the tramway. She was rescued after being shot and lives in an enclosure now. Juneau, Alaska At the Butterfly House, Branson, Missouri All of the blackbirds in the tree and the turkey vulture on... Continue Reading →

CFFC- Eyes

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge is Eyes As I'm sitting here, listening to & watching the weatherman track all of the severe storms around/on us, I'm gonna look for some photos for Cee's Fun Foto Challenge. One of my sweet Schnauzer pups. Another beautiful Schnauzer pup. Whatever you want baby boy. I can deny you nothing.... Continue Reading →

CFFC- Signs

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Signs I'd love to have this for my address. I have no explanation for this. 🙂 Pretty horse, for a sign. BC, Canada

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