CFFC- Dirt Roads

This was a photo challenge that I couldn’t pass up.  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I have been taking pictures of roads for years. It’s kind of a thing for me. So many roads are so interesting and most, if not all, of them I’d never been on before.

I’ll try not to overload this post with pictures.

This is one of my favorites. Isn’t it lovely? This is in Crested Butte, Colorado.


Another one in Colorado, near Breckenridge. This is Boreas Pass.


I’m not sure where this one is exactly. Somewhere in Canada though.


This is basically a logging road that we were on for around 10 hours straight. Which is a story on it’s own. It’s somewhere in the vicinity of Seymour Arm, BC, Canada.


This is Heckman Pass which goes to Bella Coola, BC, Canada. One of only three ways (the other two being plane or 12 hr boat ride) to get there. It’s a high clench factor due to the fact that 18-wheelers go up & down this road and there’s not much room, as you can see.


Oh. And there’s an 11% grade, which is pretty steep. My Hubs didn’t talk much as he was driving it. Except stuff like “I hope we don’t meet a big truck on this road.” and “I hope a big truck doesn’t come up behind us.” and “I hope we don’t go off the edge.” Stuff like that.


Once we made it to Bella Coola, we decided to explore. This idea led us to the road  trail to Bluejay Lake. I think that was the name of it. The scenery was exquisite. The road trail, not so much. This is a picture of it on a good part. The bad parts had huge drop-offs, with big boulders in the road that had fallen from the mountain side. There was barely enough room to go around and you could tell that the road had been repaired in places from rock slides. This was a clench factor zulu. A crease-your-seat kinda deal. I even got out a couple of times to guide Hubs through. It was too narrow to turn around. We had a Jeep, so there was some confidence in that.


Canadians don’t joke about this stuff. 🙂


This is the road that goes along Harrison Lake. Not a bad drive until we got to the part where they’d had a rock slide, repaired it and had just opened it the day before. Which was really lucky considering how far we’d come up to that point.


Here we are at the repaired part.


This is the road trail after the repaired part. That was an adventure! Surprisingly enough we actually met another Jeep farther down the road.



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