As I go through life, things come up or happen that make me wonder. So I thought maybe someone out there might have the same questions and maybe even some answers.

Like why do bugs run toward the house when you’re hosing off the porch? I don’t get it. I’ll hose them off into the grass and they’ll climb the cement and come running right back towards the house as fast as they can. NO! Stay in the freaking grass and I’ll leave you alone!

Why is it that my phone or iPad refuse to function correctly when I need them the most? Like when we’re someplace unfamiliar, we’re getting lost and I need to know where we are on the map. That’s the time when it loses connection. Or I need some sort of vital information from it right then and NOPE, not gonna cooperate right now. Try again later. WTH?

HOW does dust get into the house so fast? Are my windows so porous that dust just flies through them? Isn’t that the point of windows; to keep the outside, outside? I’m talking the next day people… dust is back the. next. day. I should’ve bought stock in Swiffer.

Does every man have a deep and unexplainable phobia of trash cans? Or am I just blessed? Why else would he put trash right next to the trash can but not put it in there? Repeatedly…for 30 years. Just looking for answers here.

Actually, this was left in the refrigerator. Why??????

How is it that dandelions and weeds in general spring up first and grow like 2 feet overnight? While the grass still looks like it’s been dead a hundred years? That question is for the flower bed too. I feel the need for a blow torch on the weeds, but I have to give the flowers tender loving care and sing them sweet lullabies and they still struggle and eventually croak over. Maybe it’s my voice. Maybe I should use a recording of the sweet lullabies.

Why doesn’t the food you get look like the food in the package or in the commercial? I’ve had a few shocking moments with this one.

Why do my dogs play me like a puppet? They stare at me like I’m supposed to be reading their minds. So I go through the list… food? No. Did that. Water? Check. Do you need to go out? So I get up to go let them out and they don’t want to go. Won’t go. They turn to cement, while I say “Let’s go potty. Do you need to go potty.” about 50 times. This happens numerous times during the day. I think they plot these things, just to see how many times they can get me to stop doing whatever I’m doing, get up and go to the door. Who’s the trained one?

These are just a few of the questions that I have. I know there’s more but for now, this is enough.

Comments are always welcome.

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