RDP: Curmudgeon

Daily Prompt: Curmudgeon

I don’t know why, but I like the word curmudgeon. It’s fun to say.

I think they call them “Karens” now…curmudgeons. People who can’t seem to love life and roll with its ups and downs. Like they’re mad at everything and everyone all the time. I feel sad for them, being in perpetual agitation, angst and paranoia. What a horrible way to live.

We’ve all seen the videos of these women who are going ballistic over the smallest thing. Like to the point of me thinking she must’ve messed up her medication dosage. Like a true psychological break from reality kinda thing. It’s fascinating to study from the comfort of my couch, but I also feel sorry for whomever is having to deal with this person.

I try to understand where/how she’s been “wronged” from her perspective so I can see both sides. Maybe they did mess up her hamburger order. Unfortunate yes, but easily rectified. The fact that she goes straight to Defcon 1 (which is the most severe level btw) and completely nuclear is where it gets scary. I wonder if this is how they’ve behaved since childhood. Throwing tantrums whenever something doesn’t go how they want. Parents who instantly placate rather than deal with bad behavior. It seems like there’s a lot of that these days, with adults as well. Rewarding bad behavior rather than consequences for bad behavior.

The poor person being blasted by the curmudgeon/Karen is tasked with being the adult; staying calm and dealing with the situation without escalating it. What a shit show for that person. A true test of patience and control.

The fact that there’s actually a name for these erratic people tells me that it happens way too much.


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  1. I love that word too! I have a copy of The Portable Curmudgeon and it’s a hoot to read. I love the memes you chose to go with your witty words of wisdom. I’ve been saying for the last 2 years that this whole ordeal we’ve gone through has created a bunch of boiling pots of anger. Some people are just ready to pounce on others when something goes wrong. It’s nice to have a sense of humor to get through the rough days!

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