I'd Like to Not Be Irritated

I’m not sure how many spam calls I get in a day. At least 5 or 6. For some reason, they’re unavoidable. We’ve been on the Do Not Call list for ages. It doesn’t matter because these jerkwads couldn’t give a rip. They’re scammers…swindlers, thieves if you will; so having a care about a list that has no consequences is not in the picture. I remember telling one of them that I was on the Do Not Call list and he actually got angry. He said something to the effect of “Don’t talk to me about Do Not Call!” I hung up. These days I don’t even answer the phone except to block them.

Sad thing is when they’re hiding behind an actual phone number. I’ve gotten calls masked as a local number. Heck, I’ve gotten calls masked as my own number! Both on our land line and my cell. We’re ditching the land line pretty soon. Our internet is through our phone company, but another company is putting in fiber optics past our house so as soon as we can we’re going to that. No more spam calls on a land line!

I’ve heard of people who can string these jerks along for quite awhile while they’re on the phone. I’ve seen a video or two of such shenanigans. They were quite satisfying. I wish I was one of those people. It’d be great to be that quick-witted.

Maybe I’m just on the phone trying to iron out a problem that was caused by the company they work for. If I’m doing that, and I’m irritated I STILL don’t blame the person I’m talking to and I make sure to let them know that. Even if I’ve had to call several times because my phone & internet have been down a week and each call is received by a different person.

I also wish I could be good at snarky come-backs. You know, when someone is being snotty to you for no reason? I know, I know… maybe they’re having a bad day, maybe their life sucks, yada, yada, yada. Here’s the thing: It’s not my fault they’re having a bad day, or that their life sucks. I don’t even know this person. They don’t have to take it out on me.

A few years ago I was in the hospital. It was right after I’d had my first chemo session. I got an infection and was put in the hospital. From what I’ve been told, it was pretty bad. I only remember bits & pieces. Anyway, I DO remember being subjected to a nurse who was abusive. She was hateful, demeaning and ended up actually making me cry. So what satisfaction does one get by bullying a person who has cancer, is in the hospital (for the first time in 23 years I might add) and is struggling to live? How much better does it make her feel? How much worse can her day have been than mine?

There was another incident that I remember. It was at some sort of home & garden or trade show. I can’t remember which. I do remember this guy was barking at people to come & try their face cream. He was foreign, and I only mention this because maybe this is how they treat people wherever he’s from. As I’m walking by, I notice him, but otherwise ignore him as I don’t want any face cream. He continues barking at me and I say “No thanks”. As I’m barely past him he shouts out “How many times you been married? Huh?”

Now, I’m not sure how I was suppose to interpret that. I took it as an intended insult. This guy’s trying to sell face cream. He’s frustrated that I didn’t run over & buy it all. In some twisted way, he thinks that pissing me off will somehow achieve his goal and I’ll run over there and buy every drop of face cream he has. Or maybe he’s just so bored he’d rather have an argument with a customer to spice up his day.

I took his insult to mean that since I don’t use his face cream I’m so ugly that I couldn’t possibly stay married to one man. Or… I’m such a bitch that I couldn’t stay married to one man. Either way, the way he said it says he assumed I’d been married more than once and that it was a horrible, horrible thing. Plus I’m guessing that he thought he could convince me that his face cream could cure those problems.

Did he piss me off? Certainly. Did I take his bait? Certainly not. I would’ve loved to have gone over and told him I’ve been married once, for over 30 years. That my husband was only 20 feet away and would probably love to discuss his marketing methods with him. That if I look bad it’s because I just recently beat stage 4 Lymphoma cancer, and this look is much better than how I’d look if I hadn’t beat it. That I’d love to talk to his boss/manager/higher up and explain there are better methods to sell stuff. That’s the nice version.

But I didn’t. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of controlling me. What I did do was bust out laughing. Because in the couple of seconds of deducing what he was doing I came to the conclusion that it was so ludicrous that it was hilarious. So as I was literally laughing out loud I kept walking. No wonder he wasn’t selling anything. He’s a horrible salesperson.

I’ve found that the best way to deal with people who try to get under your skin is to laugh at them. It really pisses them off because they’re not getting the reaction they want from you. They’re not controlling you. You’re controlling you and actually you’re effectively controlling them because now they’re in the reaction hot seat. It’s glorious.

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  1. I have begun asking the idiot spammers if they are wearing clean underwear..it always makes them say “what?” at which point i say “you’re going to piss of someone but it isn’t going to be me. have a good life you wanker” Fells good, even though i do sound a right idiot.


  2. Oh, those irritating spammer/scammer calls are the worst! I’ve also been spoofed to my own number too! We have caller ID on our landline and we screen all calls and just don’t pick up if we don’t recognize the number. I hate the calls though that leave the loud irritating series of beeps! We’re on the DO NOT CALL registry too and it used to work but not now! It scares me because my in-laws pick up the phone and they talk to these people and have fallen for their schemes before! We’ve tried to tell them not to pick up, to screen their calls but they won’t. They’re too trusting of people and will carry on a long conversation with them, giving out WAY too much information. I hope you reported the rude nurse…. totally uncalled for and she needs to find a new profession, huh? And the face cream salesperson. I have no words for him! Jeez! There is a local mall and I no longer even go to it because the kiosks vendors are so rude. They’re aggressive and obnoxious! They will literally reach out and grab you!


  3. I’m sorry to ready you were treated so poorly. Way to set the tone in a different direction! I often wonder who are the people who succumb to the phone solicitations or the salespeople in the malls? If more people didn’t do so, maybe those techniques would go away? I live in a dream world I guess! 🙂

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  4. I am sorry I got rid of my land line. It was connected to real wires, not the internet. Now, if the electricity goes out, I lose my phone. See, besides the cell phone, I now have a “land line” but it is through my internet provider. I still get tons of spam calls on it. They do try to filter some, I can tell, but many still get through. Good luck!!

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