RDP- Cavern

RDP- Cavern

There’s a state park called Rock House Cave in Arkansas. It’s a fascinating place and I’m really glad we got to see it. It was a short walk to get to it and nothing strenuous. It’s free to visit and if you’re in the area, I highly recommend a visit.

Turtle rocks
The trail leads around these rocks they call Turtle Rocks. They’re really interesting!

The cave is well hidden and you don’t see it until you round a bend in the trail. It’s enormous but doesn’t go back far enough into the rock that you can’t see the back of it.

This sign is at the front and explains the pictographs found in the cave. If it’s too hard to read, you can click on the photo which leads to a larger image.
Looking out from the back of the cave.

It’s not hard for my imagination to picture native people living here so long ago.

One of the pictographs.
The signs at the bottom left give you an idea of how huge this place is.
Another example of size. You can see some of the smoke stain at the top of the photo.
Some more evidence of fires, along with more pictographs. Some were too faded to tell what they were.
This is the one that looks like a frog.
Looking up from the outside edge.

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