The Senses

Blogging the Senses

Oh the senses! I am so blessed to have them all. Sight, smell, hearing, touch & taste. They are all so glorious that I can’t pick just one. I will say that there have been times that I’ve been without one or another and it has not been enjoyable.

We’ve all had a cold and not been able to smell (or even breathe) through our noses. Miserable. Some of my favorite smells:

Puppy breath. Horses. Roses. Rain. Freshly cut grass or hay. Baking bread. Morning country air.


Hearing. I think that’s one I’ve never been without, but as I’m getting older, it’s not as good as it used to be. Some of my favorite sounds:

Laughter, especially babies laughing. My husband and son’s voices. Birds chirping. Horses munching hay in their stalls. Acoustic guitar.


Touch. Now this one, I have loss of in my little finger. Byproduct of a surgery and it feels like my finger is permanently asleep. Thanks Doc. What would we do without the sensation of touch? Some of my favorites:

A fuzzy, fluffy blanket. A hug. A kiss. A nice, hot shower. A warm breeze. A horse’s nose.

This is my girl. What I wouldn’t give to kiss her nose again.


Sight. Well, there is a lot for this one. There are so many beautiful, interesting things to see. For me some of the best are:

The mountains, well any Nature really. Sunsets. Horses, particularly Arabian horses. Amazing art. Miniature Schnauzers. Color. Roses, Iris.

This is Mt. Robson, Canadian Rocky Mountains. Coming from British Columbia to Alberta, Canada on the other side.


This Iris is called “High Emotion” and I can see why.


Taste. I’m not a big foodie but there are certain things that I can’t say no to.

Donuts. Ice cream. Caramel popcorn. Mexican food. Fritos corn chips (with Tabasco sauce). Chicken fried steak. Sweet iced tea. (I’m a Southerner.) Man, just thinking about these things makes me want to go raid the pantry!

This was my chicken fried steak “sandwich” at one of our local restaurants. It’s ok. I don’t blame your for being envious. 😉


So this is my roundup of the 5 senses and some of my favorites associated with them. Hope you enjoyed it!









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