New Glasses

I just got new eyeglasses. As opposed to old ones I guess. Well, they ARE new and they ARE new to me. I’ve been using readers for years now, but my long-range vision has been getting worse in my left eye. So off to the optometrist I go. Actually this was my annual checkup. Last year there was some blurring and floaty things in my left eye that I had checked out. It’s some kind of detachment that’s normal for someone my age. (Chalk up another one for aging.) It’s still there, and should go away eventually.

The doctor said I could get glasses, but I didn’t necessarily have to and to think about it. I thought, well, wouldn’t it be fabulous to see everything clearly and not have to use the readers anymore? I haven’t counted how many reading glasses I have now. All different strengths for different uses. It’s quite a pain to be doing something and realize you need them to see and you have to go find them.

So I decided to go for it. I tried not to build it up in my head like they were going to be some kind of miracle and everything would be super focused and fantastic. But I still hoped it would be something close to that.

These are progressive lenses. Or no-line multifocals. Which means I can see far away and up close and everything in between. They are a strength of 1 at the top to about halfway down then gradually go through the rest of the magnifications to end up at a 3 at the bottom. I also have astigmatism, which means the curve of my eye is somewhat off.

progressive lenses eyewear

This is Day 2 of trying to adjust to these things. Some things look great, some things I have to search to find the sharp spot in the glasses. I read up on it and the experts say that my mind and my eyes will adapt. That it might take a week or two. But it’ll be much faster and easier if I keep them on as much as possible. Looking at stuff far away-more than arm’s length- looks great. Really happy about that.

The weirdest thing (outside of the blurry areas) is that this laptop looks like it’s shaped like a trapezoid. It’s really disconcerting. I read that it’s because of the astigmatism and that again, my mind & eyes will adapt and it will go away.

I like it when the text is sharp and readable, but that sharp spot seems to be fairly small and directly in front of me. As in if I look to the left or right of the sharp area, it’s blurry. Or if I move my head to the left or right. I don’t know if this will correct in the next week or two or not. I’m new to this glasses thing. Who knows, maybe I’ll be seeing like Superman in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I’m betting you had a posterior vitreous detachment. I had two within 6 months of each other. The first one caused floaters (BIG ones) and the 2nd one in the other eye was more like a cloud descended over my eye and made it appear as if I was looking through smoke. It’s been almost 2 years and it’s still clearing. I have progressive multifocals too. You will adjust with time. Hang in there!!!!

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    1. That sounds like it Gail. YES! Big floaters that go across like a cloud or something. 2 years? Well, I’ve had this one for one year. The other eye hasn’t been a problem yet. I can’t imagine having both of them do it at the same time. That would make me crazy. The doctor said the gel has to settle once it detaches, so that’s why it takes a while.
      I’m really glad that they came up with these progressive lenses. It’s a great thing.

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      1. My ophthalmologist told me that my brain would eventually adapt to the detached vitreous (just like it does to the floaters). I told her it’s still like I’m looking through white smoke and she said she can see the white blob of gel. My floaters are so big that they still drive me crazy in a well lit room. I got used to the smaller ones.

        I like the progressive lenses too.

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  2. I tried and then ditched the progressive lenses for exactly that reason – I hated having only one sweet spot in each lens. Some people love them, not me. I’m on the ‘give me lines and three of them at that boat when it comes to glasses. I’m a happy girl in my glasses when I have more range in the visual field for each focal length. Bifocals were just a tiny bit better than the progressives, but the trifocals for me have been the best blessing. Who cares if they age me ;-), I can see! For the computer, I have occupational lenses, they give me a full lens of just the right vision for working on the computer. Now…I better schedule an eye doctor appointment, it’s been two years…

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