PaWC- Cracked

Photo a Week Challenge: Cracked

I thought it’d be easy to find examples for this challenge. It was harder than I thought! Luckily, I have photos of glaciers, which have a lot of cracks!

Not a glacier, but still interesting. These rocks seem almost man-made. Robber’s Cave, Oklahoma.

Hubbard Glacier is North America’s largest tidewater glacier. It is 76 miles long, 7 miles wide and 600 feet tall at its terminal face (350 feet exposed above the waterline and 250 feet below the waterline). For perspective, the 350ft that’s exposed is taller than the Statue of Liberty (305.10 feet with pedestal). These photos were taken from a little over a mile away, which is as close as the ship was allowed to be.

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska
It’s hard to imagine how big this chunk was that calved off.
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier is near Juneau, Alaska. You can get much closer to it.

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

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