CYW- Robin Egg Blue

Ok. I got a little behind so I’m catching up with the REB. It looks kind of like a light aqua to me, but maybe it’s just my monitor.

I’ll start with the sky on Mount Evans in Colorado. A little more on the blue side than what I’m seeing in the example. How scary is this road? It can be pretty scary!


This is the glacial water at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. The next few pictures are of glacial water in different areas. All are as near to accurate of the actual color as possible.





Lake Moraine, Alberta, Canada. The color of the water is spectacular. Everyone should get the chance to see this place in person.


Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada. Not too far from Moraine Lake. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The highway goes right through the valley. You can see it just to the right of center.



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    1. Thank you! Yes, these are my photos. The subjects are beautiful, so you miss my lack of talent. Sleight of hand. Ha! I highly recommend visiting (if you haven’t) the Canadian Rockies, as well as Glacier Nat’l Park on the border. They’re breathtaking.

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      1. I’ve never actually been outside the United States, but I have been thinking of procuring a visitors visa (Does Canada have those?) to see some of the lovely sights out there. Regardless of your “lack of talent” haha you’ve managed to capture some very lovely scenery.

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